Being a Mama.



Hello all,

Here is a little update. Baby is 2 months away from reaching a huge milestone–her first birthday! And I am here on that same grind that you call motherhood. Eat, (some) sleep, work, baby and repeat. Luckily, my husband and I have established more of a routine and we all have adapted to it pretty well.

The first few months have been quite a whirlwind of many things–hormones changing from the highs of pregnancy to post-baby or postpartum, trying to let the body heal meanwhile cater to this little human in any and every way, establishing a routine  that works best for baby and getting some sleep whenever possible, etc. This all was certainly a challenge in itself, but it was definitely possible and achievable. Now that I am writing this post and thinking about it all, time flew by…

I am committed to breastfeeding still–breastfeeding and pumping. My goal while pregnant with the baby was to be able to breast feed and now that she’s been here with me, my goal is to reach a year and I am so near in reaching that goal. I will stay committed to this goal even past the one year mark, so as long as my supply continues. We’ve already began experimenting with solids and now that baby has grown, formula supplementation is also a factor.

Being a mother is life changing–in many ways. I never thought that certain changes would present themselves innately when motherhood comes into full effect (once the baby is out, that is). To anticipate what the baby will need, whether it be in the next hour or so and even through the day. I am constantly planning and anticipating–inventory of clean bottles and pump parts, diapers, clean clothes, etc. What I found helpful was always keeping track of such things and updating a grocery list. Being close to a Target and having the Target and Amazon app on my phone have also made things much easier.

Parenthood truly is based as trial and error. Not one baby is the same. Even if I took the recommendations of other mothers and what worked for them and their babies in several situations–feeding, teething, etc. I’ve learned earlier on to choose what to implement based on what works well for me and my own. But I wouldn’t know, until we’ve tried!



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