The Lasso.


The return of the kitten heel.



Hello everyone and TGIF!

Have you ever found yourself looking more for comfort than appearance? Well, I have. And in this case, I’ve scored in finding both comfort and quality. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome these beautiful kitten heels by M. Gemi–the LassoI’ve been looking for a pair just like these and I am so happy to have found them from M. Gemi.

M. Gemi speaks for quality, handcrafted designs and they’re made in Italy. This is my first experience purchasing through M. Gemi, and it definitely won’t be my last. I personally like to feel satisfaction when I invest in something (yes, even on shoes). M. Gemi has succeeded in doing just that. Right before the first look of my shoes, there is a tag attached to the shoe bag that the pair comes with. The tag is handwritten and says, “These shoes were made for Kathleen.” Next, the receipt and a return label comes inside this fancy envelope and is detailed step by step on how to process a return. And last but not least, I received a follow-up courtesy email from M. Gemi with a personal message to see how I’m liking my new shoes and that if I’d have any further questions, they’re just an email or phone call away. I’d say…what a good first impression as a consumer!

These shoes were beautifully made–the suede is super soft, the bow is adjustable and the heel is at a perfect height. These days, I’m ditching the super high heels for shoes that are still capable of making a statement, but are more comfortable.

xo, KB

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