Inside le Céline Phantom Cabas

inside celine cabas 2

See what le Céline could carry…

inside celine cabas tote

Hello all and happy fri-yay!

As promised, I am posting exactly what the Céline Phantom Cabas tote can hold. As you can see, this tote is luxuriously spacious–you get what you pay for with this bag (beautiful leather and room to carry all your necessities). I think this bag is perfect for a working woman, a mom on-the-go, errands, etc.

This tote is the “small” size, but it has a pretty decent capacity for storage. I am able to carry: Chanel Medium Classic Flap bag, apple, lip balm/makeup, vitamins, keys, tea, phone, sunglasses and still have room to add any other things that I may need.

If you are searching for a designer tote bag, you may want to consider this bag. Happy shopping and cheers to le weekend!

xo, KB

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