Counting down.


As I patiently count down…


Hello all,

Happy Friday! As I patiently count down for bb girl to arrive, I am truly trying to embrace this last trimester. Having gone through the first two trimesters and currently in my third, each trimester certainly has its up’s and down’s. I wouldn’t quite use the word “down” during this special time in life, but let’s just say the not-so-fun events that a pregnant woman experiences during each trimester.

I’ve been in the third trimester for some time now and I could easily tell the difference from the second trimester. Being in the third trimester, I feel that I’ve pretty much hit the home stretch, and for that I am really thankful. A lot of things have been crossed off my list in terms of doctors appointments, purchasing the necessities to help prepare the nesting of my little one’s arrival, etc.

I have been following the recommended timeline and checklist of expecting mothers apps on my phone (I’ve been using: Ovia and The Bump), but I am going at a pace that is comfortable for me and my husband. I will note that this third trimester could create a bit of anxiety for a working, expecting mama like me. For all you expecting mamas out there, just be sure you have the right priorities set in your checklist. For me, it was:

  1. Putting money aside and using those funds for purchasing baby necessities (like a stroller, carseat, some furniture, etc.) at the right time. When I say “right time” that means whenever there’s a sale or a promotion, I’m there!
  2. Researching the maternity/paternity leave process and seeing when would be best to begin that process with our employers
  3. and that list goes on… I really prioritized these two things and made sure I did whatever I could to stay safe and healthy during this entire process of pregnancy.

One last thing that I have learned and put into practice is resisting the urge to splurge on the latest trends and cutest clothes for the baby. Yes, it’s quite shocking that I’ve been more careful with this matter. A part of me wanted to go a bit crazy when we found out the gender, but the voices of experienced moms ran through my mind, and I just knew it would be best if I shopped within reason. Have a lovely weekend!



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