Roses are red…


Roses are red…

Favorite flowers from my favorite flower shop in SF. Thanks Mr. B.


Hello loves,

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day yesterday. As for me, my husband and I didn’t get to celebrate too much because we both had work. However, I came home to a beautiful surprise from him and I absolutely loved it. I came home to two flower arrangements–one for me and one for the baby girl who’s still baking inside my belly.

It seriously is the simple things like this that melt my heart. Seeing the message my husband wrote to our baby girl on her first Valentine’s card brought happy tears to my eyes. I could only imagine how great of a father he will be.

This pregnancy, so far, has already been life changing (in a very positive note, that is). We definitely have been switching gears as the focus in our minds is our child. Parenthood is something we’ve planned on after marriage and we are thrilled to be experiencing such a beautiful new chapter in our lives. We didn’t quite rush into family planning after we got married; we let everything fall into place naturally, and I feel that doing so made finding out more of a surprise.



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