Mama Bear.


Mama Bear strides in Prada.




Hello all,

Here is a little update from pregnancy. 17 pounds in, two trimesters later and soon to be in the third, I am feeling great. Getting through that first trimester was probably the hardest thing so far, but who’s to say that labor pains won’t be any harder, if not worse?

Along with that pregnancy glow that I’ve been told I have, the belly is only growing bigger and lower back pains have already made its presence. Did I mention an itchy belly? Yes…the urge to scratch is so strong, but I must continue to resist. While I am enjoying the higher energy levels and cravings without the nausea, I am also enjoying the fact that I can dress my belly. At first, I felt like my own style was on hold because I was in that awkward phase when my pre-pregnancy pants started not to fit and got uncomfortable to wear. I’ve invested  in one pair of maternity yoga pants and four pairs of maternity denim/pants. I am finding non-maternity tops that still work with my growing belly, and I am happy with that.

Here are the details from today’s look: Madewell coat, Motherhood pantsH&M topPrada   slides, Chloe bag.




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