C is for…


Chanel Boy and Celine Micro


Chanel 2014


Chanel 1990s


Chanel Coco Handle

Chanel Wallet on Chain

Hello all,

Here are a few of my favorites from my collection. If I could list my top two favorite designers, I’d say they are Céline and Chanel. These two designers are both unique in their own ways. Chanel is very classic, well-known and timeless. Céline, on the other hand, has unique shapes, beautiful leathers and a minimalistic appearance. Both of these designers showcase effortless staples and the debut of their pieces only continues with each season.

Being a consumer, it is hard to keep that “minimalistic” state of mind because each purse creates a different look and feel with any particular outfit. Also, each bag has its own utility based on its capacity to carry things. When it comes to Chanel’s wallet on a chain, I obviously carry way less than I would as opposed to my Chanel boy or Céline Micro. And now that there is a baby on the way, I’ll probably be relying on my wallet on chain meanwhile stuffing a diaper bag.



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