she chose vintage.


And she finally decided to go vintage…


Like shopping inside Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.



For the longest time, I was debating on adding a vintage Chanel bag to my collection. After having noticed the difference between the newer and vintage Chanel handbags, I’ve learned that a vintage Chanel is a must have. Why? Well, the value remains even with the oldest Chanel bag and it probably may have more worth because in the olden days, the gold hardware on the Chanel classic flap was actually gold plated.

I decided to finally take the opportunity when I came across the pop-up shop, theRealReal, on Maiden Lane in Union Square. Entering the store was jaw-dropping–I seriously felt like a kid in a candy store. From vintage Hermes and Chanel to the newer Celine and Gucci Dionysus, there were many great finds to see and touch. The benefit of this pop-up is exactly that…you get to see and touch the vintage and pre-loved items in person rather than just browsing through the selection online.

The Chanel Medium Classic flap that I am featuring above is the pre-loved vintage that I got to bring home with me. I bought it in good condition, with an authenticity card, and it is almost as old as me (early 1990’s). The leather of my purse is slightly worn around the corners and in the interior, but it still holds great shape for its age. Not to mention, the quality and texture of the leather is still gorgeous. Merry Christmas to me!



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