j a p a n t o w n


Chasing Ramen dreams in Japantown, San Francisco.


Hakata Dx


Karaage Bowl

Hello everyone! As you can see, there was a nice break from that record breaking heat wave that we San Franciscans have endured this past weekend. With slightly cooler temperatures on Monday, I spent my Labor Day hunting for some delicious ramen in Japantown, SF.

If I could make one observation, most to all ramen joints seem to be closed on Monday’s. The fact that Marufuku Ramen was open with “special hours” for the holiday was an opportunity for me to indulge and savor the deliciousness of such quality ramen. The popularity of this restaurant is quite obvious–customers, including myself, rushed to the front of the restaurant to be placed on the waitlist and not one customer turned away after seeing such a lengthy list of parties waiting to be seated.

On the plus side, the restaurant runs efficiently and the turnaround time from the time I ordered to the time I received my food was quite impressive. My choice of ramen was the Hakata Dx–rich pork broth with braised pork belly. I certainly will be coming back for my ramen cravings again.

Look of the day: Club Monaco lace top, Zara duster and shorts, Chanel bag and ballet shoes

xo, KB

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