Sunday Staples.




Happy Wednesday! Here’s an edit of what I wore from Sunday.

Its probably much too late for me to become a minimalist with my wardrobe, but I am trying to make a transition into having quality, elegant and timeless pieces inside a more simplified wardrobe. When I do think of my closet, I’d be proud to say that I have chosen pretty, unique pieces, many of which are already great quality and hard to give up. But I think it’s time to make that turn…

Ultimately, my goal is to achieve “less is more” and I am determined. I’ve started making frequent “closet audits” and have been donating much more frequently. I’ve learned a few good techniques to help simplify my closet and that is, first to donate an article of clothing every time I add or buy something new (hence, the donation pile). Second, is the method of “buyer’s remorse.” If I ever end up buying something I have second thoughts about, that is a sign that I give that item back before the return time frame ends for a full refund.

With this newly inspired mindset and transition, I have donated three articles of clothing with this outfit and gained three good staples:

Wilfred ‘Draveil’ Blouse [here]

Oak + Fort Cardigan [here]

Nine West heels

Existing staples:

Celine sunglasses, Chloe ‘Drew’ bag

xo, KB

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