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An escape from winter would be nice…




While the rain pours this morning, all I could think about is how nice it would be to be some where tropical. Here are some photos taken from my honeymoon in Maui.

What can I say about Maui? Maui is very low-key, not quite the city type compared to Oahu. What I liked most about this trip was to step outside of my hotel room, and there it was–a private beach front. Unlike Oahu, the resorts in Maui aren’t too close to each other, so the beach doesn’t get nearly as crowded and there aren’t many outsiders or tourists.

In Maui, I probably had the best poke and the best shaved ice. For a taste of my favorite poke by far, try Tamura. And for a party in your mouth of shaved ice goodness, try Ululani’s. Enjoy!

xo, KB