Hello all,

Here is a late post of my transition from brunette to blonde.

I have been waiting patiently to achieve a hairdo like this one and it was definitely worth the wait. When it comes to drastic changes like this, every buck is worth the investment and it’s something I definitely won’t hold back on. I had the pleasure of returning to Mola from Salon Stilo (Burlingame, CA) and like my previous visits, I left the salon very pleased with the outcome. With this new process from brunette to blonde, I’ve learned the importance of maintaining the color with a few essential steps.

These steps include:

1.  Maintenance – When you maintain a do like this, not only can you maintain it by using the right hair products, but you would probably want to see your hair stylist every now and then for toning. I’d definitely go by my hair stylist’s recommendations on how often I would see her for maintenance.

2. Nourish – Going from darker to lighter could take a toll on your hair, especially if your hair is sensitive. I know my hair is, so I am sure to invest in high-quality hair products. My three-step regimen includes a purple shampoo, color-treated conditioner and an oil for after shower application.

I have listed a few of my go-to products with my new hairdo, and I can only say that these products are worth the investment in helping keep my hair color nice and  fresh.


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