Meet la Furla.

Banana Republic  leather jacket | Zara trousers | Prada mules | Furla Metropolis bag



Meet la Furla! Here is a glance of my favorite look from this weekend.

This look features a few of my favorite things. I have been obsessed with finding the perfect pair of striped trousers for years now…with Nicole Richie being my prime inspiration (see her look here). And after searching high and low, I have finally found the perfect pair this season from Zara.

Along with these bold printed trousers, I wore a black off-the-shoulder top and a leather jacket that I’ve had for nearly seven years. I decided to go for my Prada mules and my new Furla Metropolis bag to create that extra edge.

Wearing this purse for the first time, I’d say that it’s relative to the size of a Chanel Classic Mini flap bag. I am able to fit the basic necessities, which include but are not limited to a medium sized wallet, iphone 7, lipstick, etc.


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