Confessions of a Bag Lady.

For my love of Furla – taken at the San Francisco location during the soft opening.


Every bag serves a different purpose–though a purse’s true purpose is to carry a lady’s belongings, each and every bag’s look is completely different. And this is the exact reason I give to justify for another addition to my handbag collection.

I have been keeping a close eye with the Furla ‘Metropolis‘ bag since I’ve first laid eyes on it last June in Hawaii.  I was able to get one maybe two of these gorgeous pieces at an even better deal this Black Friday, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. While Christmas shopping in downtown SF, my jaw literally dropped the moment I saw a Furla boutique open in San Francisco. With just a few days of the store being newly open, there was every color of the rainbow possible in this Metropolis bag. Not only could you have any color you wanted in this bag, but the availability of creating and customizing your own bag is an option as well.

I’ve definitely shared my new interest of this purse to my close family and friends who share the same love of handbags as me, and now I am sharing with you! Oh the fulfillment and joy of having great quality, Italian-made handbags in my closet other than the designers that I already do love… but with a budget-friendly price tag.

I’ve chosen this lovely pink neutral with a bubble of fur.


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